Is it true that a sub zero freon leak “in the box” cannot be repaired?

The refrigerant can leak from a few different places. The evaporator coils of a Sub Zero are where problems most frequently occur.

These coils may be repaired, but doing so can be very expensive and typically costs more than $1,000.

If the leak is found where the refrigerant lines pass through the insulation in the appliance’s outside frame, it will be “in the box,” as they say.

In these places, leaks are generally uncommon unless someone physically damaged them.

Locating the precise leak’s position can be challenging, and not all businesses will take on this kind of repair.

I would advise calling Sub Zero at to find out who handles their warranty work in your area if the business you previously employed is unwilling to look for and fix a refrigerant leak. please call us, we are the most qualified to handle the matter.

It is also possible the evaporator coil might not be available anymore on an appliance that age though. If this is a 501R, the only place I see the evaporator coil for sale for that model is on eBay.

This may be better to replace this appliance rather than attempt to have it repaired.